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ColdBox Wiki Docs Skins Shared

Luis Majano
Apr 06, 2011


Since we love collaboration and giving back to the community, we have just opened our Wiki Docs Skins github repository so you can check out how we build out our wiki docs skins for CodexWiki and hopefully you guys can send us your skins and we can use them on the wiki docs site :)
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New CodexWiki tracker and repository

Luis Majano
Nov 08, 2009


Development is back on track for CodexWiki and we have a new home for our repository, trackers and much more tools.  You can find the new locations here:  Not only that, but you can see our new cool shiny logo CodexWiki will be sporting.  All the wiki documents have been updated to point to our new repositories and new rss feeds.  Finally, our nightly builds are now hooked up to assembla and we even have a new codexwiki twitter account:
 and also our team list at:

Our move to assembla follows in suit to provide much more tools to the community to interact with Codex and also to have much better tools to work with.  So stay tuned as more announcements come in Codex development.

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CodexWiki by ColdBox & Transfer open beta

Luis Majano
Oct 23, 2009


We have done a closed beta of Codex for quite some time now. However, we are now to the point of maturity to release an open 0.5 Beta1.  So head over to our new codexwiki site and start downloading it now.  This release comes thanks to ColdBox and Transfer by Mark Mandel.

P.S: It runs on Railo!!

Enjoy the screenshots below:

The main wiki page

The Wiki Page Directory

The new wiki search engine

Codex now has markup plugins that you can easily install and distribute.  They even document themselves!!

Codex System Options are now a GUI.  You can control the entire system from this console.  You can even restart the entire application.

Finally, our new markup editor!! With visual styles and customizable
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New Plugin: diff.cfc part of the ColdBox Plugin Pack

Luis Majano
Oct 23, 2009


I just added a new plugin to the ColdBox Plugin Pack addons.  If you don't know about this addon, then you should.  It is an extra addon of plugins Team ColdBox has put out for public use.  You can find this addon in our Code Depot page alongside some contributed plugins.

Now below you can see a nice screenshot of how this plugin can produce.  If you want a real live sample, then you can look at the Codex Wiki code coming out real soon.

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