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ColdBox Connection 4/23 Noon Central on JS and CSS Workflows

Brad Wood
Apr 22, 2015


We're having another ColdBox Connection Thursday the 23rd at noon central time where special guest Jon Clausen will share how to work with static assets like CSS and JavaScript.  Things he'll cover:

  • Workflows and Dependency Management for CSS and Javascript with Bower
  • Optimizing production CSS and Javascript using NPM and Grunt
  • Be the boss of your CSS with SASS  (Depending on the level of experience with this on the call, I can be brief or go a little further in depth)

And if we have enough time, we'll try to touch on these topics as well.

  • Migrating from Apache: Running blazing fast Coldbox Apps with NGINX/Lucee
  • Automating Coldbox and CFML deployment (and rollback) on ACF and Railo with Capistrano

The show will be in our regular Adobe Connect room.  See you then!

The recording will also be posted here:

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ColdBox Connection Video: Intro To TestBox

Luis Majano
Jan 29, 2014


Here is our recording of our January ColdBox Connection about TestBox, the xUnit and BDD framework for ColdFusion (CFML).


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ColdBox Connection: Intro To TestBox and BDD

Brad Wood
Jan 26, 2014


This Tuesday the 28th we'll be bringing back the ColdBox Connection to introduce TestBox, CFML's new unit testing platform.  The show will be at Noon Central time.  TestBox is MXUnit-compatible so it's easy to get your current testing suite set up.  TestBox is also more flexible and supports the Behavior Driven Development (BDD) style of testing.  Come join us, and if you can't make it we will be recording the show.

Tuesday January 28th Noon Central Standard Time


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ColdBox Connection On ColdBox ORM And ContentBox Contest Winners Announced

Brad Wood
Dec 17, 2012


Everyone, we have an exciting ColdBox Connection scheduled for tomorrow, the 18th.  First, we'll be announcing the winners of our ContentBox Christmas Contest.  We're super excited about the submissions we received.  They're all out on ForgeBox already waiting to be installed and played with. 

After that, we'll get on with the Coldbox Connection show which will be presented by Jeremey DeYoung and will talk about how ColdBox ORM has made his life easier.  This was a topic requested by the community and we're delivering.  Please show up and hang out.  The show will start at Noon CST and here is the URL:

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ColdBox Connection Today at Noon CST

Brad Wood
Nov 20, 2012


Today, we will be having another of our regularly scheduled ColdBox Connection Meetings at Noon Central time.  Kalen will be leading a short discussion on integration testing.  Please stop by and ask some questions.

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ColdBox Connection Meeting Tuesday at Noon CST

Brad Wood
Nov 05, 2012


Please tune in tomorrow at Noon CST for the next installment of our ColdBox Connection meetings.  In this episode, we'll have guest speaker Joel Watson sharing about his just-released additions to ColdBox's ORM detached criteria queries and subqueries.  Here's the URL for the meeting room:

Also, don't forget about our special ColdBox Connection event on November 14th where we'll unveil ColdBox Lite!


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Announcing ColdBox Lite Kickoff (Pure MVC Conventions)

Brad Wood
Nov 02, 2012



If you've been waiting to play with ColdBox, or tried in the past and gave up, we want to invite you to come check out our ColdBox Lite Kickoff Event at Noon CST on Wednesday November 14th.
Team ColdBox will be announcing the lastest step in the life of the ColdBox framework.  We have heard your requests for a smaller, more lightweight version of ColdBox for people who simply want blazing fast MVC conventions without worring about the extra tooling they don't need right now.  As a result, we have finished the final step in our collection of *Box frameworks by extracting just the MVC core of ColdBox to stand on its own.  The result is a lean, mean, lightweight MVC framework weighing in at about 500K in size.  
ColdBox Lite follows the same simple conventions and is fully cross-compatible with regular ColdBox.  When you're ready to upgrade to the regular version, it will be a simple matter of dropping in the full platform and switching your apps bootstrap point in Application.cfc.
The ColdBox Lite Kickoff Event will be a special edition of our ColdBox Connection series and will be in the regular meeting room:
12pm CST on Wednesday November 14th


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ColdBox Connection: ColdBox Platform 3.5.1 Recording

Luis Majano
Jun 01, 2012


We revived the ColdBox Connections by doing a live session at the Orange County ColdFusion User Group last night.  Here is the recording and of course also updated in our media sections:


In this episode, Luis Majano revives the ColdBox Connections live at the Orange County ColdFusion User Group!

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ColdBox Connection: ContentBox Recording

Luis Majano
Jan 19, 2012


Here is the recording for our presentation today on ContentBox:

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ColdBox Connection: ContentBox January 19th

Luis Majano
Jan 18, 2012
To start our 2012 ColdBox Connection schedule right, we will be showcasing a first look at ContentBox this Thursday January 19th, 2012 at our usual time: 10AM Pacific Standard Time in our usual channel:

The ColdBox Connection is a bi-weekly free webinar that features the ColdBox Team and of course ColdBox related seminars. Not only do we showcase features about ColdBox but we are also available to answer any of your questions directly on the show. This is a great opportunity to ask anything you like to the ColdBox team and also give feedback on the direction of the platform. Curious about ColdBox, WireBox, CacheBox, LogBox or MockBox? Need urgent help on a topic? Want to hang out with some cool cats? 

For those of you who do not know what ContentBox is, here is a little insight. ContentBox is our next major project here at Ortus Solutions, which is a highly modular content platform based on ColdBox architecture and modules. It is a set of ColdBox modules that work in unison to provide you with blog, cms and development capabilities. It is still in private alpha, but you can be part of it if you like by just requesting it: The major difference than traditional blogs or cms, is that ContentBox is highly extensible via ColdBox features and event driven programming. You can easily extend it and create other modules that function outside of ContentBox with their own DI, caching, SES, or extend the content as well.

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