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Short Screencast on Installing the Ortus FuseGuard Module

Brad Wood
Apr 02, 2014


Here is a short introductory video of how you can start protecting your ColdBox applications with our FuseGuard Module!  Enjoy!



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Secure Your ColdBox Application Easily With the New FuseGuard Module

Brad Wood
Nov 01, 2013


We are very pleased to announce the new Ortus FuseGuard Module for securing ColdBox applications against malicious attacks.  FuseGuard is a web application firewall written by the smart people at Foundeo.  What we've done is wrapped up the functionality of the firewall into a portable ColdBox module and added additional hooks to let you easily tie it into your application.  

Ortus FuseGuard Module

Installation is easy: just drop the module into the "modules" folder and reinit your application.  You can configure the firewall easily and the web-based manager can be deployed alongside the firewall, or in another private application on the same server.  This module also works for ContentBox apps and we have some slick features coming including tying the web manager into your ContentBox authentication for single sign-on.

The Ortus FuseGuard module is available now on our Ortus store.  It comes with the newly released FuseGuard 2.4 engine baked in, so there's no additional licenses for you to get.  Please read about it here on our product page.


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