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Coldbox CBDW2013 Online Training is Available!

Luis Majano
Oct 02, 2013


We are very excited to announce our second online course available for both ColdBox and ContenBox Modular CMS thanks to our annual conference CBDW2013:  This course covers over 50 lectures and over 30 hours of video content.  This is definitely an ultimate training tool for you or your organization and it definitely helps us pay the bills :)

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CBDW 2012: Thanks For Making it a Success

Brad Wood
Aug 01, 2012


Our first ColdBox Developer Week is over and we're very pleased with the turn out.  We had 195 people register from the US, Canada, Brazil, all over Europe, Russia, India, and Australia!  We are looking foward to doing this again next year and welcome any feedback on how we can improve.

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Mock It Baby Slides and Code

Curt Gratz
May 21, 2012


Thanks to all who came out to my presentation at this years CF.Objective().  It was my first year speaking and it was an honor to have you and I would like to say thank you to the conference orginazators for the opportunity and for putting together such a great conference.  

The slides and code for my Mock It Baby! presentation our available on github

Mock It Baby

This years CF.Objective() was another great conference with deep content, good friends, and good food.  I enjoyed meeting so many new friends, catching up with old friends, and generally hanging out.

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ColdBox Connection Videos on Vimeo

Luis Majano
Jul 25, 2011


You can now enjoy the ColdBox Connection ANYWHERE! We are uploading all videos to our vimeo channels for your enjoyment on any platform even iOS!  We now have over 39 different training videos on our vimeo channel, so get to it!
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ColdBox Quick Docs Released

Curt Gratz
Jul 07, 2011


The ColdBox Quick Docs are released for your use.  They allow you to quickly search any of the ColdBox Platform APIs.

We have also released the module used to run the quick docs to ForgeBox



Basic Requirements: 

  • Coldbox 3.1.0
  • Autowire Interceptor enabled.
  • SES Interceptor enabled.



Grab the Module and place it in the Modules Directory.



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ColdBox Integration Testing Basics Video

Luis Majano
May 17, 2011


We are currently updating all of our documentation for our 3.0 and 3.1 releases and we are enhancing them with video screencasts so you can now also see what's going on.  This video introduces you to ColdBox integration testing and how to configure it from Eclipse or CF Builder.  Enjoy!
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WireBox Installation and Introduction Screencast

Curt Gratz
Mar 14, 2011


This video shows how to download and install the WireBox framework and offers super simple example of dependency injection using WireBox without any configuration or messy XML.


WireBox Installation and Introduction... from Curt Gratz on Vimeo.

Again, this is not even scratching the surface of what WireBox can do, but I wanted to get you started and thinking. More screencasts will be following to help you go deeper into how WireBox can help you in your development.

Now, go, read the docs, and install WireBox and get wiring your model up the easy way.

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Using Custom Interception Points in ColdBox

Curt Gratz
Dec 02, 2010


This is a brief tutorial on how to use custom interception points in ColdBox.  It shows what I think is a nice use case and hopefully will inspire you get your own creative juices flowing.

ColdBox Custom Interception Points - How To from Curt Gratz on Vimeo.

Again, think outside the box, be creative, and let your development flow.  I would love to hear other creative ways ColdBox users are using custom interception points, so if you use them and can share, leave a comment.

If you having trouble viewing the code on the embedded version, click the HD link and it will be much clearer.

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New ColdBox Videos!

Luis Majano
Nov 19, 2008


We have started to create training videos and tutorials that will automatically populate our website at .  You can even create your own tutorials, videos and more and you can contribute them to the ColdBox Vimeo Group.  It is super easy!!

So if you have some nice videos of what ColdBox does for you, submit them, and let's create a huge video library!  Just go to the Vimeo ColdBox Group, register, join and enjoy uploading. What is even better, you can upload HD videos for free!! That's right, HD videos!!
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ColdBox Website has now Flickr Photostreams and a Video Community

Luis Majano
Oct 19, 2008


The ColdBox Website has been updated with several new sections and content.  The most new prominent areas are the Flickr Photostream and the ColdBox Videos section that can be found under the Downloads tab that you can see above.  The training areas have been updated with very interesting testimonials and some video testimonials.  We have layed out also the foundation of the next ColdBox Seminar to be scheduled for either February or March of next year.  The location and date details are still to be determined.

The photostream is the ColdBox Flickr Group stream, so you can even participate and upload your ColdBox related photos. The latest photos will be broadcasted in the website as they are uploaded to the group.

The other major section is the new ColdBox Videos section.  This section will have the latest ColdBox related videos from our Vimeo Community.  We will be expanding the videos with tutorials, screen casts, events, training seminars and so much more. Again, since it is also a community, well you can also upload your very own ColdBox tutorials or screen casts and we will display them in the website.  Make everybody learn from your screen casts, so get to it.

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