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Ortus Developer Week 2015 is coming!

Luis Majano
Nov 02, 2015


Thanks to the huge success of our first three years of ColdBox Developer Week, we are back again for a fourth year, with a new name, Ortus Developer Week (ODW). ODW will be a series of FREE and live webinars hosted by the Ortus Team and seasoned developers from around the world. These sessions will cover software development, technologies, craftsmanship and usage of many of our open source and commercial products.  Visit our virtual conference page to get the latest information on sessions, speakers and details.

Register 4 FREE!

Come and join us for over 20 hours worth of FREE and live training. If you can't make it to all sessions, then don't worry, we will record all sessions for you and make them available through our Vimeo pages and we will also be creating our online training course out of these materials. So get your thinking caps on and get ready for a tremendous BOX geek-out week!  We will also have several prices from Ortus and Computer Know How.  We will raffle off 4 $50 gift cards, Sublime licenses and much more.  So make sure to register so you can be eligible to win.

We have a great range of sessions lined up this year that cover topics even outside of CFML like Travis CI, Ionic, and AngularJS.  We also have some great speakers presenting like Gert Franz, Mark Mandel, and a bonus session by Ray Camden.

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Announcing ColdBox Developers Week 2015 and a call for presenters

Brad Wood
Aug 07, 2015


For the last 3 years, Ortus Solutions has put on a week-long online training extravaganza called ColdBox Developers Week, or CBDW.  These are completely free webinars that you can watch from the comfort of your home or office, and the best part is they're ALL RECORDED for your belated viewing pleasure.  Obviously we've grown to more than ColdBox despite the name  You can expect to learn about ContentBox, our modular CMS; CommandBox, our CLI, REPL, and embedded CF server; or our sweet Lucee Couchbase cache extension.  

This year CBDW will be held the entire week of November 16-20th.  We're still finalizing the schedule, but we'll most likely have 4 webinars a day between 9am and 4pm Pacific time. We're also working on a collection of raffles and door prizes to give away, so please mark your calendars now.  

We'll have signups for the actual sessions later on once the schedule is tightened up.  If you'd like to present on a cool topic that relates to a Box library, please feel out this form here and we'll get in touch.

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