Thanks to team member Sana Ullah, we have upgraded our Groovy Loader project to version 3.0.  This version includes several updates like it sports a new interceptor called GroovyStarter that you can configure in your configuration file and the entire groovy environment will wrap itself and become available in any ColdBox 3.5 application.

Not only that, but now you can also add any amount of java and groovy library locations and the plugin will load them at startup into your application.  These libraries can be Spring, Hibernate, Apache Commons, etc.  Finally, what good is a project without documentation, so we now have the project fully documented:

Release Notes:

  • Updated to ColdBox 3.6 standards
  • Updated for ColdFusion 9
  • Updated to pass in the private request collection to groovy bindings
  • Updated to pass in the request scope to groovy bindings
  • Updated all examples and cleanup
  • Better cache utilizations and retrievals

For those that do not know what you can do with ColdBox's GroovyLoader project, here is a simple list:

  • script in Groovy in any part of the ColdBox lifecycle using  our gscript tags
  • binding of variables between the Groovy language and ColdBox
  • ability to load Groovy scripts
  • ability to load Groovy classes with complex relationships
  • ability to load java libraries alongside Groovy classes
  • no need to tweak the server or configure the server for operation
  • much more...

You can download the Groovy Loader Project sample or just the plugin and loader: