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Submit Your First Pull Request to an Open Source Project

Brad Wood
Sep 23, 2015


Update 10/10/2015 -- New tickets added!

Perhaps you're using open source projects with your work.  You've heard about how Git works, and maybe you even attended one of my sessions on how to submit pull requests. You've never actually tried to do one before though.  You were brave one day and clicked the "Fork" button in GitHub but were left staring at your keyboard wondering what the heck you could do to help out a project that wouldn't sink your entire weekend.

The Wait is Over

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages: your time has come.  Today we're breaking down all the walls keeping from being a productive member in the open source community.  Everything you need is documented and laid out in front of you.  Heck, for this to be any easier, I'd just have to do it for you!  If you've been waiting for just the right chance to come along to submit your first pull request, please keep reading. 

Today we are announcing a special program where we've created a handful of super-duper easy tickets for an assortment of Box products.  These are already entered into our ticket tracker and approved.  All we need is someone to complete them!  You don't even need to know how our products work to help out.  Each ticket spells out what amounts to a one-line change to get your feet wet and experience the process of submitting something that will release to the world in the next version of our product.  We'll even make sure to include your names in the release notes :)

You. Yes, you!

There's a little bit of a catch.  These special tickets are ONLY for people who have never submitted a pull request via GitHub before.  You know who you are.  If you've contributed before, we thank you so much but please step aside so someone who's never been a part of this process can give it a spin.  Please only take one of these tickets too.  If you really love this and want to help more in the future, don't worry-- we'll have lots of other opportunities to put your newly learned Git skillz to good use.  

What You Need to Do

Ok, we've made this super easy.  The tickets already exist in JIRA, but I would recommend creating a quick JIRA account so you can assign yourself to the ticket.  That way, we won't have two people trying to work on the same thing at once.  Here is our guide that covers signing up for a free JIRA account.

How To Create A JIRA Account And Enter ColdBox Tickets

Next, choose one of these simple tickets and assign it to yourself:

Next, follow the step-by-step guide here that will walk you through getting a copy of the code, making the change, and submitting that change back to us.

How To Submit Pull Requests to the ColdBox Platform

If you get stuck or have questions, no worries!  Just jump on the CFML Slack team and give a shout out in the #box-products channel.  Or you can shoot an E-mail off to our Google Group.

Thank You

You did it!  Today you have become part of something bigger than yourself.  You contributed to an open source project and it really wasn't that bad.  A new world of opportunity and collaboration has just opened up to you. Go ahead and kick back while you revel in your new found meaning.  In fact, take the rest of the day off-- I've already cleared it with your boss.

If you happen across this post and the 4 tickets above have already been gobbled up, please give a holler.  I will gladly create more easy-grab changes for first timers to try out.  This is important to CFML and at Ortus we understand that as much as anyone does.  We want CFML to succeed, and for that the CFML community needs to be engaged.  

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Sign Up for Box Training before ColdFusion Summit

Brad Wood
Sep 17, 2015


The Box guys from Ortus are going to be hanging out (and speaking) at Adobe's 2015 installment of ColdFusion Summit.  We're so stoked about hanging out in Vegas that we've decided to show up early and put on a deep dive Box training before CF Summit that focuses on the ColdBox MVC Platform and our new CommandBox CLI, Package Manager, REPL, and Embedded Server.  
We've reserved a sweet pad at the close-by Vdara hotel for two days of deep training in the way of the Box.  Luis and I will be leading the classes where you'll be able to get one-on-one help, ask questions, and do hands-on exercises.  This is a great chance for any team who's been pondering jumping into ColdBox or CommandBox but don't know where to start. Or come to learn more and make sure you're getting the best out of your code.  
Registration is discounted 20% for CF Summit attendees, so sign yourself up, sign your employees up, or just bring the whole team.  To keep class sizes small, we have limited space so reserve your seats today and we'll see you in Vegas!
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ColdFusion Summit 2015 Training Bootcamp

Luis Majano
Sep 15, 2015





We are so excited to bring our Box training series to this year's Adobe ColdFusion Summit on November 7-8th, 2015 at the Vdara hotel, just a few minutes walking distance from the conference venue.  This training series will be led by Box creators Luis Majano and Brad Wood.  The first day will be a hands-on training on all things CommandBox. The ColdFusion CLI, package manager and REPL tool.  We will then move into ColdBox MVC training for the entire second day thanks to all the goodies we learned in Day 1.  We are so excited to be part of the Adobe ColdFusion Summit and be able to add some training goodness to it as well.  See you there.


Adobe ColdFusion Attendees Discount

If you will be attending the ColdFusion Summit you can get an additional 20% OFF by using the discount code for the event:


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How To Submit Pull Requests to the ColdBox Platform

Brad Wood
Aug 28, 2015


The best part about open source projects is you! Many hands make light work and at Ortus we love getting input from the many smart community members out there.  The first way you can help is to report bugs or enhancements in our ticket tracking system.  You can read our guide for that here:

The second thing you can do is to actually submit fixes yourself!  This may seem scary, but it's a pretty straight forward process once you've done it once.  We can never have too many people willing to help. Let's jump in and cover the steps it takes to submit some code to the ColdBox Platform.

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CommandBox 2.1.1 Released

Brad Wood
Aug 24, 2015


We have put out a patch release 2.1.1 for CommandBox today.  This fixes a bug in the "update" and "outdated" commands that caused them to error after you had installed packages from an endpoint other than ForgeBox.  Note, packages installed from HTTP(S) and Git endpoints will always show as outdated and will always update since those endpoints don't provide a way to know what version they're hosting without downloading the entire package anyway.

We also included a small enhancement to the Git endpoint to allow for authentication via public/private SSH keys.  As long as you have a public key configured on your Git server and the private key is stored in ~/.ssh/ using a standard name, SSH-based clones should automatically authenticate.  Please see the docs for more info.

As always, the CommandBox Getting Started Guide is located here:

Release Notes


New Feature


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Gavin Pickin New ContentBox Evangelist + ContentBox Roadmap

Luis Majano
Aug 21, 2015


We at Ortus are excited to announce Gavin Pickin as the new ContentBox evangelist.  He has been involved with the Box Community for a very long time and has always brought great ideas and help to the team and product suite.  In his new role, he will lead the evangelism and direction of the ContentBox CMS Platform.  We are also excited to announce our public product roadmap for ContentBox and the general availability of our beta bleeding edge downloads.  So let’s find out a little about him.


Gavin was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand… before moving to California at the age of 21. When New Zealand’s patchy weather let him go outside, he was constantly playing cricket, soccer, tennis, rugby, track and field, almost any sport that he could. When weather kept him inside, curiosity and computers kept him entertained. Gavin took the competitiveness and curiosity with him to University where he won a Senior Prize for Management Science and Information Systems and was invited into the prestigious Honors program, but decided to head abroad for International Experience. Upon completion of his Degree, he left New Zealand for California, where he has lived ever since. Now with a beautiful wife, and 5 great kids, he’s made a lifetime home in California.


Life in Web Development

While studying at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Gavin starting working Part Time for the School of Business as a WebMaster. In his final year of school, Gavin was invited to be part of the first “E-Business Team”, brought together to build a cohesive brand for the University. This is where Gavin was introduced to ColdFusion 4.5, and in the first weekend, he built a full blown app, and never looked back.

After arriving in California, he worked with a small company, helping them grow to become a million dollar company, with a custom designed k12 focused education content management system, which got the attention of the big players. After 6 years, he moved to a bigger company focused more on custom solutions, where he expanded his knowledge and tools as more detailed end to end systems were built, using ColdFusion and Javascript, including hybrid mobile apps with the help of Cordova.

Responsible for all aspects of the development process, from project specification, database design, devops, graphic design, server side and client side applications, Gavin’s experience has allowed him to fit well into any project, and his passion to learn and grow mean’s he is not afraid to tackle new technology.

History in *Box

After working on several custom built frameworks over many years of work with ColdFusion (that show remnants of fusebox remains), Gavin knew scaling his projects would require an adoption of community driven well known frameworks, not only for technical reasons, but for onboarding new developers. This lead Gavin to a ColdBox Bootcamp prior to cf.Objective() in 2013 where he met the ColdBox team and other new Boxers. It seemed like a natural progression, picked it up quickly, and contributed to the ColdBox world with a starter Project ColdBox Koans and presented at the ColdBox Developer week soon after.

Since then Gavin has continued to integrate more of the Box platform into legacy projects and new projects alike, and dive into new technology like TestBox and CommandBox as it came out. Gavin has continued to participate in the community, on Mailing Lists, ColdBox Developer Weeks, and Into the Box, and also guest blog posts and Roadshow presentations.

ContentBox Roadmap

You can view/download the ContentBox Roadmap document by clicking on the links below:

Our 3.0.0 Beta release is almost complete and the pre-beta binaries can be found in our integration server.

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CommandBox Connection this Wednesday at 11am CDT

Brad Wood
Aug 17, 2015


Following on the heels of our CommandBox 2.1.0 release, we will be hosting a CommandBox Connection webinar this Wednesday (Aug 19th) at 11am CDT.  Come hang out for an informal review of the latest features in CFML's CLI, REPL, Package Manager, and Embedded Server.  We'll cover:

  • Package endpoints
  • Git endpoint support (new)
  • Github shortcuts
  • Command output piping
  • Setting heap size on embedded server instances
  • Any questions you have! (You can connect your Mic if you like to chat)

We will record the CommandBox Connection and make the recording available afterward.  See you there!

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CommandBox 2.1.0 Released

Brad Wood
Aug 13, 2015


We've just released a minor release of CommandBox, our CLI, REPL, Package Manager, and Embedded server.  This version has a number of small fixes to CommandBox as well as the embedded libraries like Runwar.  We've polished up some things like piping content and new high-res icons.  There are also some fancy new features like specifying a max heap size for your embedded server:

CommandBox> start heapSize=768

And finally, the ability to install packages from a Git repo is here!

install git://

And this nice shortcut for installing from GitHub:

install username/repoName

If you've not used CommandBox yet, check out our getting started guide here:

You can download CommandBox 2.1.0 here on our product page:

Release Notes - CommandBox - Version 2.1.0



  • [COMMANDBOX-165] - Improve parameter escaping when running commands from native OS
  • [COMMANDBOX-210] - Make ColdBox skeleton hints dynamic by reading folder instead of hard-coded values
  • [COMMANDBOX-244] - Increase the size/resolution of the icon

New Feature

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Announcing ColdBox Developers Week 2015 and a call for presenters

Brad Wood
Aug 07, 2015


For the last 3 years, Ortus Solutions has put on a week-long online training extravaganza called ColdBox Developers Week, or CBDW.  These are completely free webinars that you can watch from the comfort of your home or office, and the best part is they're ALL RECORDED for your belated viewing pleasure.  Obviously we've grown to more than ColdBox despite the name  You can expect to learn about ContentBox, our modular CMS; CommandBox, our CLI, REPL, and embedded CF server; or our sweet Lucee Couchbase cache extension.  

This year CBDW will be held the entire week of November 16-20th.  We're still finalizing the schedule, but we'll most likely have 4 webinars a day between 9am and 4pm Pacific time. We're also working on a collection of raffles and door prizes to give away, so please mark your calendars now.  

We'll have signups for the actual sessions later on once the schedule is tightened up.  If you'd like to present on a cool topic that relates to a Box library, please feel out this form here and we'll get in touch.

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Ortus Sponsoring at CFCamp 2015 - Munich

Luis Majano
Jul 28, 2015


CFCamp 2015 - Munich

We are excited to be part of CFCamp 2015 this year.  This is truly an awesome conference with over 26 different sessions, amazing speakers and of course it is hosted in one of my favorite cities in the world, Munich! So head over to their registration and get registered now as this event is around the corner.  We will also be holding a 3 day training event right before the conference on October 19-21st and if you are attending CFCamp you get an additional 30% off the entrance fee.  How do you get it? Use the following discount link:

See you soon!

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