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DataBoss - Dynamic Administrator v2.0.0 Released!

Luis Majano
Jul 28, 2015


We are proud to announce today a nice minor release for Ortus DataBoss Version 1.5.0.  This release brings about several important fixes and trial version updates.  DataBoss 2.0.0 is already in the planning stages with a full migration to a ColdBox 4 module and CommandBox integration. 

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • [DATABOSS-93] - Collection Manager not display null as label values but escaped HTML
  • [DATABOSS-94] - Internet Explorer support via Bootstrap needs the scripts to load after CSS has loaded
  • [DATABOSS-95] - Singular relationships not being ordered correctly on editor lookups
  • [DATABOSS-96] - Standalone version acting with trial edition, as build not replacing right content,
  • [DATABOSS-97] - one to many relationships not being ordered correctly on collection manager dropdowns
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Munich CFCamp 2015 Training Bootcamp

Luis Majano
Jun 29, 2015


We are so excited to bring our training Bootcamp series back to Munich for 3 days of intense Box training right before this year's CFCamp ( from October 19-21st, 2015 .  This training series will be led by Box creator Luis Majano and you will have the option of attending all 3 days, 2 days or just 1.  Whether you are an MVC expert or novice, this bootcamp will challenge you and refresh your skills to the latest ColdBox, CommandBox and TestBox versions.

The first 2 days of the course will focus on a quick start with CommandBox for CFML development and transitioning to ColdBox 4 MVC and Modular Development.  Day 3 will focus on one of the most feared topics for developers: TESTING!  We will demistify Behavior Driven Development and introduce the necessary tools to make you a testing nija. Please make sure you bring code to test if only attending the last day.


CFCamp Attendees Discount

If you will be attending CFCamp you can get an additional 100€ by using the discount code cfcamp or using the following registration link:


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CommandBox 2.0.0 Released Running Lucee

Brad Wood
Jun 01, 2015


CommandBox 2.0.0 is now available for installation as the latest stable version of the CFML REPL, Package Manager, and Embedded Server.  This is a major release and will required you to update your "box" binary.  It will install itself on first run and can upgrade over a 1.x install.

Download CommandBox 2.0.0

If you're new to CommandBox, please start with out Getting Started Guide.  Also don't forget about our:

We Love Lucee

The biggest feature is the switch-over from Railo to Lucee as the underlying CLI engine that powers the REPL and commands.  The embedded server now also runs Lucee 4.5 as well.  If you require a Railo embedded server, you will need to stay on CommandBox 1.1.1 for now.  

Endpoint Support

Another major new feature is support for different endpoints when installing packages in addition to ForgeBox.  Now packages can be installed from the following locations:

  • Local zip file
  • Local folder
  • HTTP/HTTPS URL that points to a package zip
  • ForgeBox (default)

The ForgeBox endpoint now also has rudimentary support for targeting a specific version.  If you request a specific version of a package to be installed, and it is in your artifacts cache, no network calls will be made.  This allows completely offline installations! Here are some examples:

install coldbox
install coldbox@4.0.0
install C:/myZippedPackages/
install C:/myUnzippedPackages/foobar/

 We also have a nice collection of bug fixes.  Below are the full release notes for CommandBox 2.0.0.

Release Notes - CommandBox - Version 2.0.0


  • [COMMANDBOX-211] - CommandBox caches .cfm files between executions
  • [COMMANDBOX-214] - Lucee version leaves tons of old jars on upgrade
  • [COMMANDBOX-218] - Script repl confused on paranthesis or quotes
  • [COMMANDBOX-223] - coldbox create model command doesn't escape "open" parameters
  • [COMMANDBOX-224] - Coldbox create model creates incorrect testcase w/ no methods
  • [COMMANDBOX-225] - Calling `forgebox slugcheck` with empty slugname throws error
  • [COMMANDBOX-232] - osx brew installation broken for commandbox 2.0
  • [COMMANDBOX-237] - Application times out and wirebox references die
  • [COMMANDBOX-238] - Dev installation w/out package directory overwrites box.json

New Feature


ContentBox v2.1.0 Released!

Luis Majano
May 06, 2015


After many months of development we have finally released ContentBox version 2.1.0.  This is a minor release but it might as well be a major release due to the over 60 different tickets and issues resolved.  This release is one of the biggest in terms of tuning and bug fixes.  As our usage increases, so does the edge-cases and usability issues.  This release addresses a tremendous amounts of usability issues, bug fixes and a plethora of updates and new features.  So let's check out the major features in this release and you can check out the release notes here (

Remember Me

The administrator module login has been updated to allow for session tracking to allow for administrators to remain logged in for 1 day, month, week, etc.  This surely helps in not re-authenticated every session if desired.

No Layout Content

You can now choose the -No Layout- option for content that will allow for the content to be rendered out to the user as-is, with no theme inclusions.  This allows for content to be pulled as-is from Ajax or mobile applications.

Stats Tracker

The entire stats tracker has been updated thanks to the awesome folks from Akitogo.  This will allow for faster stat tracking and also bot protection and ignores.  You can even configure it all from the administrator module and reset stats on a case-by-case basis.

Lucee Support

The entire ContentBox engine is now Lucee 4.5+ compatible and our WAR and Express editions are running also on the Lucee CFML Engine.

ColdBox RC/PRC Integration

Al ContentBox editors now have the capability to render out content from the ColdBox request collection and private request collection by using the following markup: .  This will allow for further integration between CMS and MVC framework, as it allows anything in the life-cycle of the MVC request to deposit content on the RC or PRC scopes that are ultimately available at the content level.

Rate Limiter

Our focus on this release has been on security and performance.  We have added the abilities to activate rate limiting on all requests to the administrator and content modules.  You can fine-tune the engine to only rate-limit cookie-less requests or all requests.  You can also chose the duration and counter stats for the limiting.

Login Tracker


In our continued push on security, thanks to Akitogo yet again, we have fine-tuned a login tracker for the administrator module.  If activated, it will track invalid and valid attempts to the administrator module.  It can also allow for max attempts before blocking requests and a very nice auth log viewer and manager.

SSL Pages

You can now select for a specific page to be available only on SSL mode via the page modifiers. 

Localized Modules

Our push to localizing the admin is in progress and several modules are completely localized in English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.  

Search Improvements

Administrator and site search has been improved to allow for better creator and editor searching.  You can also choose which content items will appear in the search by using the Display Options or Blog Modifiers respectively.

Content Store Hierarchy

The entire Content Store has been updated to allow for complete hierarchies.  This allows you to logically group content store items instead of only relying with category tagging.  This can produce rich tree models for content store items that can be retrieve in one single JSON call as well.


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ColdBox 4.1.0 Released!

Luis Majano
May 06, 2015


We are excited to announce the general availability of ColdBox 4.1.0. This is a minor release with some needed patches and some cool new REST template features. You can update your library via CommandBox by just typing: box update or installing it via box install coldbox

New RESTFul Template

One of the cool things of this release is the new REST template that will allow you to build RESTFul services out of the box. You can also leverage CommandBox to generate RESTFul templates as well

    box coldbox create app name=restapp skeleton=rest --installColdBox

Release Notes

Bugs Squashed

  • [COLDBOX-434] - Controller loc.args is referenced and not existing in pre{Actions}
  • [COLDBOX-435] - Module routing was not respecting package resolving within handlers
  • [COLDBOX-441] - onError handler doesn't work from port to script
  • [COLDBOX-454] - abstractFlashScope getKeys() doesn't work from port to script

Funky Improvements

  • [COLDBOX-425] - Modules that include applicationhelpers are incompat with modules.autoReload setting, add recognition
  • [COLDBOX-440] - Add x-forwarded-proto checks on isSSL() verifications to allow for proxy enabled web server configurations
  • [COLDBOX-444] - Better locking naming technique to avoid server-wide collisions
  • [COLDBOX-455] - Ability to test ORM entities with base cases if loading ColdBox or using entity injection

New Features

  • [COLDBOX-430] - Update application templates to use new logo
  • [COLDBOX-448] - Add session and application timeouts to testing harnesses
  • [COLDBOX-449] - Create a new testing annotation to control if application should be teardown in integration tests
  • [COLDBOX-457] - Create REST application template for ColdBox
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ColdBox 4 Book has arrived

Luis Majano
May 04, 2015


We are excited to finally announce the availability of the ColdBox 4 printed and kindle book. Enjoy!


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Book Release Galore!

Luis Majano
Apr 24, 2015


We are so excited to announce the general availability of 5 new Ortus Books in print and kindle format about our products.  We have been hard at work to produce high quality documentation and transition all our documentation to book format.  We only have two more in the works right now with a target release of May (ColdBox + ContentBox).  So without further ado, here are the 5 new books for your reading pleasure!


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ColdBox Connection 4/23 Noon Central on JS and CSS Workflows

Brad Wood
Apr 22, 2015


We're having another ColdBox Connection Thursday the 23rd at noon central time where special guest Jon Clausen will share how to work with static assets like CSS and JavaScript.  Things he'll cover:

  • Workflows and Dependency Management for CSS and Javascript with Bower
  • Optimizing production CSS and Javascript using NPM and Grunt
  • Be the boss of your CSS with SASS  (Depending on the level of experience with this on the call, I can be brief or go a little further in depth)

And if we have enough time, we'll try to touch on these topics as well.

  • Migrating from Apache: Running blazing fast Coldbox Apps with NGINX/Lucee
  • Automating Coldbox and CFML deployment (and rollback) on ACF and Railo with Capistrano

The show will be in our regular Adobe Connect room.  See you then!

The recording will also be posted here:

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CommandBox 1.1.1 Patch Release

Brad Wood
Apr 22, 2015


We've released a very small patch release (1.1.1) for CommandBox.  This is to address a small bug in the upgrade process from 1.0.0.  This update affects the underlying loader libraries so you will need to download the latest binary and replace the old binary on your file system.  The first time you run "box" the update will be applied.

The downloads are here:

And our getting started guide is here:


Release Notes

CommandBox - Version 1.1.1



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TestBox Printed Book Available Now

Luis Majano
Apr 21, 2015


We are delighted to announce the availability of our TestBox : Behavior Driven Development print book.  You can purchase it now from our online store and it will be in all Amazon distributers worldwide in a few weeks.  Enjoy and thank you for supporting us.

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